Jefferson makes impact felt in first season with Toronto

Jefferson showed glimpses of his potential impact in the CFL from cheap brewers jerseys authentic womens as early as his time at the Argonauts mini cheap authentic gordon hayward jersey camp back in early May at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla.

Long and athletic, explosive with great ball skills, Jefferson stood out from the crowd, poised and polished each time he took a rep.

Given his ability to break on balls and undercut routes, he take chances, at times getting burned on big plays, but when it comes to producing big plays for the Double Blue no one has been as explosive.

The more one watches Jefferson, whether he wearing some colourful cleat to pay homage to his soccer roots, one can help see how lucky the Argos are to have him in their lineup.

Stories of first year Americans playing in Canada are all too similar, injuries drawing red flags down south or an off field incident discouraging NFL teams from providing a second chance. buck.

But Jefferson is a player, elite by any league standard and barring an injury he well on his way to emerging as a league all star.

Maybe all will be forgiven in the NFL if Jefferson continues to turn games around, but for now the Argos are grateful to have him on board.

Friday night in Winnipeg, it was Jefferson 50 yard punt return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter that turned momentum, sparking yet another fourth quarter comeback for the Boatmen, who improved to 5 2.

In all five games, the Argos never led at halftime.

In each win, they won the turnover battle and have now played two straight games without turning the ball over.

In Regina, Jefferson produced a 100 yard pick six, another momentum changer as the Scullers would go on to win in a wild double overtime win.

Head coach Scott Milanovich got to see first hand Jefferson ability to play the corner position at the Florida camp.

It was during the team pre season finale in Montreal when Milanovich decided to have Jefferson line up on punt returns.

For Jefferson, Friday touchdown return was his first as a pro.

At Fresno State, Jefferson reckons he had six touchdown returns.

been awhile, smiled Jefferson, a very engaging individual who has authentic hockey corey perry jersey discount canada a deep affection for soccer.

college, I didn really do punt returns. I was more of a kick return guy. the Blue Bombers, the Argos defence forced three fourth quarter touchdowns, including a fumble Toronto offence would parlay into a major.

Jefferson, like a lot of Argos, is new to the CFL, but he has an idea why this group has shown an uncanny ability to rebound from slow starts and make big plays in big moments.

have a lot of guys who hate to lose, he said. we all come together, we show a lot of resilience.

just believe in each other and we count on each other. When it crunch time on defence, we all get on each other, we all hold each other accountable. We don care who is making a play because everyone is attempting to make a play at any time. HAPPENS WITH PFEFFER?

Ronnie Pfeffer is suddenly on the bubble, his future as an Argonaut now no longer secure with Swayze Waters, the team incumbent kicker, poised to return.

There nothing Pfeffer has done wrong in the absence of Waters, but when a team has an elite player without doubt the CFL best decisions have to be made and Pfeffer would seem to be the odd man out.

A trade, being placed on the practice roster as insurance for Waters, there a lot to ponder as the Double Blue head into their home game against Ottawa with several front line players ready to return.

Among them is Waters, who was injured on the opening kickoff in the season opener against Edmonton in Fort McMurray.

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