5 Teams Who Need to Blow it Up

All NFL teams look to win as many games as possible. That being said, it is probably better for some teams without a championship hope to lose more than most, instead of just being average. These teams would be wise to start a deep rebuild during the NFL 2016 season.

Led by new front office and coaching staff, the Cleveland Browns are the one team in the league who are clearly undergoing a deep rebuilding process. They built their team around young players and future draft capital, knowing that they would not be Super Bowl contenders in the 2016 NFL season.

This was a uswholesalejerseys.com smart move by Cleveland. Instead of trying their best to go 7 9 or 8 8, the Browns are better off letting the bottom drop out of this team. They need more young, impact players, and this complete rebuild is the best way to make that happen.

In my eyes, other NFL teams should be following suit and would be wise to start doing so sooner rather than later. In season trading is rare in the NFL, but it could be a great opportunity for these franchises to kick start a much needed rebuild.

Let take a look at these five franchises who would be wise to start a rebuild.

Next: No. 5 Buffalo Bills

5. Buffalo Bills

There is not a coach in the NFL who has a hotter seat than Rex Ryan of the Buffalo Bills.

LeSean McCoy is a guy who particularly would make sense for the Bills to move. McCoy is great, but he is nearing the end of his prime as an NFL running back. By the time the Bills are ready to be competitive, McCoy will not be an impact player.

Offensive guard Richie Incognito and defensive tackle Kyle Williams are two other players who would make sense for the Bills to move. With the right guy in charge, this rebuild could be quick, but the Bills would be wise to get it started ASAP.

Next: No. 4 New Orleans Saints

Brees is still great, leading an explosive Saints offensive attack. However, his efforts are going completely wasted. Simply put, the Saints defense is awful and has shown no signs of turning it around.

They have started the season with an 0 3 record and are a strong threat for a top five pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. They simply need more defensive talent to even have a chance and I think they would be wise to look to move some of their offensive players in the meantime.

Center Max Unger, left tackle Terron Armstead, and running back Mark Ingram all stand out as veteran players who the Saints should consider moving. Plus,shopping Brees around should be something that considered.

I understand that Brees means a lot to the franchise and city of New Orleans, but wouldn he like an opportunity to win another Superbowl before it is too late?The Saints simply would be best served if they looked to move some of their veteran pieces in exchange for draft capital.

Next: No. 3 Washington Redskins

3. Washington Redskins

Maybe the Washington Redskins have not found their franchise quarterback after all. Kirk Cousins was great for the team down the stretch in 2015, but he struggled to find a rhythm early in the NFL 2016 season.

Cousins and the Redskins beat up on weak defenses down the stretch last season and earned the reputation of being an explosive offensive attack. I am sure there will be times where he looks wholesale nfl jerseys competent, but Cousins is not the kind of guy who is going to lead this team to a Super Bowl. They are simply better off looking to rebuild.

At 1 2, the Redskins seem unlikely to keep up with the other teams in their division this season. And that might not change until they find a legitimate NFL quarterback.

With that in mind, I believe that the Redskins would be better off rebuilding sooner rather than later.

Call it a feeling if you want, but the Redskins are not going anywhere with Cousins leading the way. The sooner they realize that, they better off this franchise will be.

Next: No. 2 San Diego Chargers

2. San Diego Chargers

I feel authentic jake matthews jersey wholesale bad for Philip Rivers. He continues to play quarterback at a high level for the Chargers, but he does not have much help around him. On top of that, Rivers continues to carry too much of the offensive load.

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